DIMS Hosted Network

The company offers an assortment of sponsored services to showcase what we can offer clients. Below is a list of sites maintained by us or affilated with our staff in some manner (We may manage their community or provide other services).

Managed and Hosted Sites
PimpAnime.com -
pimpanime.com (Anime Streaming/Reviews Community)
Black Lotus Syndicate -
blacklotussyndicate.com (Gaming Community)
Madness Minecraft -
madnessmc.com (Minecraft Server)
The Risa Project -
risaproject.net (Wordpress Blog)
Heaven RO -
heaven-ro.com (Ragnarok Online Private Server)

Hosted Sites
Bottled Dreams -
Bright Shadow S - brightshadowsonline.com

Affiliated Sites
AnimeRam -
NarutoSpot - narutospot.net